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Brahmina’s WordPress Plugins

Hello there… I’m Brahmina, a reluctant geek… well really, I’m just a creator who knows a bit about programming & making web apps do what I want them to do. My growing list of published WordPress plugins urged the creation of this site… a place to showcase them & explain how they work.

All of my plugins for WordPress have come from a desire to have functionality that I couldn’t find in the plugin repository, at least not of the quality that I desired.

Worpress is an excellent platform… highly flexible & easily extendible. I love how easy it is to create new functionality & push the limits of web publishing.

I put together this site to showcase my wordpress plugins. Complete with lots of fake posts to illustrate the plugins in action. This is also a centralized place for instructions, explanations and a way for users of my plugins to contact me.

So far the plugins I have written for WordPress are as follows…

Now Featuring Widget

The Now Featuring Widget is a super flexible plugin that lets you showcase featured content from your posts or pages on the sidebar in a variety or ways You can select featured content either by category, tag or manual selection, to be shown either as a slider, a list or as a single. The plugin utilizes the featured image, title & excerpt to link back to the original content.

Read more about it here.

Kiva WordPress Widget

Originally written in 2009, this was the first plugin I developed. I love the grass roots philosophy behind Kiva and microloans and can really see how a small amount can make a big difference in empowering others in small business. This plugin aims to increase awareness of by making it easy for Kia Given a username, it collects information about the users micro-loans to display on the sidebar.

Read more about it here.

Affiliate Product Management

The Affiliate Product Management plugin is currently a work in progress & is not yet available. I am currently putting together a website about crystals & jewellery, and this plugin will serve my efforts on that site, to showcase specific pieces from affiliates, and to keep track of their status in a manageable way.

Read more about it here.

Thank you for stopping by… if you would like to check out more of what I’ve got going on, check out my main site: Brahmina Creations… and please feel free to contact me, if you have any comments or suggestions on my WordPress plugins.