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Affiliate Product Management Plugin

The Affiliate Product Management plugin is still under works… At this point it looks like it will include both a free & paid version. I’m quite pleased about how the development of this flexible plugin, which I am building to serve my needs on a different site focused on jewellery, also in the works.

In building this site I found I wanted a slimmed down version of WooCommerce specifically for affiliate products. I want the ability to manage affiliate links for specific products, display them across my site in flexible ways,  have decent statistics reporting for these products, and have automatic checks of the urls so as to know if they become unavailable.

And so I am developing this plugin, which has sadly put content creation for the jewellery site aside, but it will all come out in now time, I’m sure. I have integrated my Now Featuring Widget & shortcodes into the Affiliate Product Management Plugin, so there will be lots of ways to showcase affiliate products on my site. I am super pleased with the progress of the reporting and I’m enjoying learning how to do cron events within the WordPress platform.

I am quite excited for this one to be finished, so I can get lots of use out of it. I hope that others will find it useful also.

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